Our Appellate Practice Group at Ball Eggleston PC has extensive experience in advocating a wide array of issues in civil, criminal, and administrative appeals. Our group of attorneys are highly qualified to meet the unique demands of appellate practice. We have a combined experience of 40+ years in appellate advocacy, have handled over 135 appeals, and are active in the Appellate Section of the Indiana State Bar Association.

We have argued cases before the:
  • Indiana Supreme Court
  • 7th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Indiana Court of Appeals
  • Indiana Tax Court
  • United States Supreme Court

What is Appellate Practice?

Appellate advocacy is different from litigating a case before a trial court. At the trial court level, the case is initially heard, and decisions are made concerning evidence, testimony, and facts of the case. An appeal concerns the review of the decisions made before the trial court. At the appellate court level, attorneys do not have the opportunity to re-shape the record. Rather, appellate arguments must be constructed from the existing record. The skills needed for appellate advocacy are just as necessary as the skills needed to advocate at the trial court level.

We understand that not all attorneys have the experience for appellate advocacy. Therefore, our group accepts referrals from outside attorneys when they need assistance in defending a favorable decision or overturning an unfavorable one.

Get in contact.

If you have questions or are looking to appeal a court decision, contact our office to schedule a personal consultation with one of our attorneys who are part of our Appellate Practice Group.