Protect your business interests.

At Ball Eggleston PC, financial planners utilize our corporate and business services for their clients because of the depth of our knowledge and our legal experience. We can work with your company, no matter how big or small, to ensure it is protected and to answer any legal concerns you may have.

Keep your business assets protected by speaking with one of our experienced Business Law attorneys. Ball Eggleston PC maintains a high reputation for excellent service and legal representation.


Business Law Services

Our attorneys can assist in resolving boundary, construction, and other property nuisance disputes.

We can assist in answering questions on various land issues, including zoning, signage and development.

We can help you prepare and understand new contracts, or dispute an existing contract you are connected to.

The way your business is structured and organized can have legal obligations that we can help maneuver, plan for, and resolve for your business.

Our team can help your business resolve any legal real estate disputes or navigate through the foreclosure process.

We can assist and work with landlords in evictions, debt collections, and other tenant disputes.

Reinvest your property and sales investments without incurring tax consequences. Our attorneys can work with you to handle your investment properties.

Protect your employees and your business with documents that are legally appropriate and binding.