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August 30, 2019
Find ways to make divorce easier on the kids by helping them address the emotions that come with a major life change.

4 Ways to Make Divorce Easier on the Kids

Divorce can be hard on children of all ages, especially young kids. In a healthy family dynamic, both parents will contribute to the child’s routine, education, and personal growth in […]
June 24, 2019
Ball Eggleston attorneys can help you navigate laws and exceptions to disinheriting a spouse.

Can I disinherit my spouse?

When someone dies without a will, the laws of intestate succession determine how his or her estate is divided among eligible beneficiaries. These laws vary by state but typically prioritize […]
March 27, 2019
Man researching the question “How is child support calculated in Indiana?”

How is child support calculated in Indiana?

If you’re in the process of getting a divorce, you may be wondering what kind of child support arrangement the judge will order. Regardless of whether you‘ll be the one […]
July 23, 2018
A family attorney may be able to help you avoid conflict during divorce.

Four Tips to Avoid Conflict During Divorce

Divorce proceedings—by their very nature—can be contentious. Even if ending the marriage was a mutual decision, it’s likely that you and your spouse will have at least a few disagreements […]
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