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Business & Corporate Law

Gain a business partner you can trust.

Every successful business has a team of trustworthy, reliable people. Having a trusted attorney in your network is another great asset to have on your side. Our business attorneys, located in Lafayette, Indiana, can help you feel more confident when making business decisions.

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Feel confident making business decisions.

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We'll help guide you every step of the way.

1Business Organization

Not sure if you should stay a sole proprietor or incorporate? The way your business is structured and organized can have legal obligations that our business law attorneys can help you understand and navigate.


Every business has contracts. Whether they are your employee agreements, vendor agreements, leasing contracts, or non-disclosure agreements, you need to ensure your business is protected.

3Employment Law

Your business’s employees are its most valuable asset as well as its most glaring potential liability. We'll help with the development of documents that are legally appropriate and binding.

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4Landlord - Tenant Law and Collections

We know that being a good landlord is almost a thankless job, and there are times that tenants simply don't work out. Our experienced tenant law attorneys can assist you with evictions, debt collections, and other tenant disputes.

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5Property Disputes

Looking to build a new construction or having issues with your neighbor trying to build on your property line? Our attorneys can assist in resolving boundary, construction, and other property nuisance disputes.

6Real Estate/Foreclosures

We are aware of the complexities that can arise in business or residential real estate transactions. We work with buyers, sellers, and real estate agents to ensure the agreements, especially foreclosures, are legally sound. Additionally, our team can help you resolve legal real estate disputes or navigate through the foreclosure process.

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7Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Our real estate law attorneys understand the time-sensitive requirements of tax-deferred exchanges. We’ll work with your realtor, accountant, and financial institution to ensure you can legally receive these tax benefits.

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8Zoning and Land Use

In a growing community like Lafayette, Indiana, there are always zoning and land use questions and rezoning needs. Our experienced business attorneys specialize in these areas and can assist in answering questions on various land issues — including zoning, signage, and development.


Gain a trusted business partner.


Choose a business attorney who will help you start, protect, and secure your business transactions.
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Commonly Asked Questions

1What is an LLC?

LLC stands for limited liability corporation. The owner of an LLC is generally not personally responsible for the company’s debts. An LLC also means you don’t have to file a corporate tax return. Learn more here.

2What is a C-Corp?

A C-Corp is a type of company classification. C-Corp companies have unlimited growth potential because there’s no limit on shareholders. Learn more here.

3What is an S-Corp?

An S-Corp is similar to a C-Corp, but they are not double taxed. To clarify, the owner of an S-Corp must file an individual tax return but not a corporate tax return. Learn more here.

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