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Slip and fall accidents can be unexpectedly dangerous, leading to injuries that range from being minor mishaps to severe and potentially life-threatening injuries. When landlords fail to fulfill their duty of care, the frustration and consequences of such incidents become even more pronounced.
Navigating a personal injury can be a daunting and overwhelming process. From medical bills and insurance claims to legal proceedings, the complexities can add extra stress to a difficult situation. Seeking legal counseling early on can help you understand more about the personal injury claims process and the different options you may have for…
In an ideal world, a trip to the doctor or hospital improves your health. But sometimes, the medical care you receive causes further injury or worsens your condition. This can be due to negligence, a medical error, or a failure to diagnose. If you’ve been harmed by medical malpractice, you might be wondering if you need an attorney. In most cases,…
The aftermath of a car accident can be stressful and confusing, especially when dealing with insurance companies. In Indiana, where a fault-based system applies, understanding your rights and navigating the claims process is crucial. This blog post by Ball Eggleston aims to guide you through the essentials.
Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional, such as a doctor or a nurse, breaches their duty of care and in turn harms or injures the patient through negligence. The standard or duty of care refers to the various procedures, treatments, etc. that are utilized by medical professionals when put in a position to diagnose, treat, or…
Getting hurt on the job can be a stressful and confusing experience. While recovering, navigating the intricacies of workers’ compensation (workers’ comp) can add another layer of worry. One of the most frequently asked questions is: How long can I be on workers’ comp in Indiana?
Navigating personal injuries can be an incredibly challenging and emotionally draining experience. A personal injury can negatively impact various aspects of your life, extending beyond the physical consequences. It can disrupt daily routines, impact your relationships and mental health, and put a strain on your finances due to medical expenses and…
Navigating child custody arrangements can be a challenging process for both the parents and children involved. From filing your initial petition to taking your case to court, every step requires careful consideration and strategic planning as this process has significant implications for the future of your family.
Many times people underestimate the amount of assets they own due to the underlying belief that significant assets are only owned by the wealthy. In reality, most individuals own a few different assets with the common ones being a home, cars, real property and bank accounts.
The occurrence of vaccine injuries has been a significant matter of concern, therefore, the medical community regularly monitors and investigates reports of the unintended health consequences caused by administered vaccines.
A wrongful death case is a legal case brought by family members or survivors of the incident where they charge an individual or party with knowingly or negligently causing the death of another individual.
Experiencing a car accident can be traumatic. Not only may they leave you with lasting physical wounds, but you may also suffer mental anguish. While you likely are aware that you can seek compensation for your physical injuries, did you know that you can also pursue compensation for emotional distress following a car accident?
Most people are aware of workplace injuries being covered by workers comp, but not many people know that workplace illnesses are also included.
As you or a loved one grow older, it becomes important to know what options are available for long-term housing and care.
An important consideration for estate planning is a power of attorney.
If you have started thinking about the management and disposition of your estate, you are likely wondering whether you need to create a will or a trust. 
Every surgery, big or small, involves some level of risk, and there are chances that a patient goes into surgery to resolve an issue and comes out further injured.
After losing a loved one, there are a lot of logistics, legalities, and transactions to consider. Even if the deceased left behind a detailed will or made a host of arrangements in advance, settling their estate can be challenging. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone.
Ball Eggleston is pleased to announce that its counsel Joseph T. Bumbleburg has been reappointed to his 23rd term as department Judge Advocate of its Indiana Department of the American Legion.
Ball Eggleston is pleased to report that Counsel to the firm Joseph Bumbleburg presented a class to Purdue Students in the Agriculture School, Department of Agronomy on the role of a lawyer in land use matters. Faculty member for…