5 Social Media Tips for Truck Accident Victims

February 16, 2021
5 Social Media Tips for Truck Accident Victims

When an 18-wheeler crashes, the resulting devastation is often catastrophic. Because of their sheer size — not to mention excessive weight — big rigs tend to cause extensive damage when they tip over in traffic or collide with fixed objects or other vehicles.

Thankfully, those who end up getting hurt in the process are usually entitled to compensation. If you were seriously hurt in a large truck crash, you may be able to take action against each and every party that contributed to the wreck.

While a resourceful truck accident attorney will be equipped to handle virtually every aspect of your claim, there are steps you can take to support his or her efforts, and staying off social media is one of them. Deactivating your accounts will add another hurdle to prevent the opposing party from digging up posts to challenge your claim.

If deactivating your various profiles is not an option, you can avoid jeopardizing your case by taking the following steps:

1. Implement Stricter Privacy Settings

Adjust each of your profiles so they have the strictest privacy settings enabled. This will make it a lot more difficult for the opposing party to monitor your online activity. 

2. Consider Every Post Carefully

Since there’s no way to contain something once you publish it online, you should scrutinize every post carefully, even if your profiles are only visible to approved connections. Additionally, you should avoid posting anything at all about:

  • The truck accident;
  • Your injuries or the progress of your recovery;
  • Your pending claim;
  • Any social outings; or
  • Any unnecessary expenditures.

3. Don’t Check In”

As long as you’re checking in” to public places, the opposing party can see what you’re up to over the course of your recovery. Since they might be able to use your activities to challenge your credibility, it’s best to lay low until your claim has been resolved.

4. Filter New Friends

If you’re in the habit of approving virtually every friend and follow request, it’s wise to stop doing so while your action is pending. Instead, you should accept requests from only those whom you recognize. Strangers who reach out may be working for the liable party, and they may be trying to gain access to your profiles.

5. Remove Any Tags”

If the insurance adjuster cannot monitor you, he or she may take to monitoring your closest friends and loved ones. As such, you should remind them of your ongoing claim and ask that they avoid including you in anything they post.

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