Safe Driving Tips

November 2, 2015
Safe Driving Tips

In our previous blog on automobile accidents we covered what to do if you happen to be involved in an accident and what the benefits are of hiring a lawyer in that situation. In this blog, we cover safe driving practices that will help prevent automobile accidents from happening in the first place.

Check the weather.

Hazardous weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, hail, fog and wind can all make driving more dangerous. Know what the weather conditions are before you get in your automobile and take additional precautions as necessary according to the severity of the weather conditions.

Some ways you may need to alter your driving habits in bad weather may include:

  • Slowing down
  • Turn on your headlights or brights
  • Follow further behind other cars to give yourself more room to brake and maneuver
  • Brake earlier

Buckle up.

All passengers in any forward-moving vehicle are required by law to buckle up. Seat belts greatly increase the safety of passengers if involved in an accident, and if you are caught not wearing a seatbelt, you could face hefty fines.

Put down the cell phone.

Woman ignoring road safety tips.

In Indiana, it is illegal for people of all ages to text while driving. For phone calls you can opt for a hands-free device or utilizing Bluetooth technology as a safer alternative to holding your phone to your ear. However, when it comes to safety, the less distractions the better. Consider alerting contacts that you will be unavailable during your travel time, or pulling over in a safe area in order to make any important messages or calls while commuting.

Don’t drive drowsy.

Driving while tired has been found to have equal to or even more risk than driving intoxicated. If you feel drowsy, consider postponing your trip or asking someone else to drive for you. If you must drive, take precautions such as drinking caffeinated beverages and stopping for frequent breaks.

Maintain your vehicle.

Tire pressure, brakes, lights, oil, and gas levels are just a few of the maintenance checks you should do on your vehicle(s) before hitting the road, especially before a road trip. A well-maintained vehicle will lower the chances of a weather-related accident, as well as vehicle breakdowns while on the road.

Turn on the lights.

Woman ignoring road safety tips.

Not only will turning on your headlights increase your visibility and help other drivers see you, but it’s also the law. Your headlights must be turned on between dusk and dawn and when visibility is at 500 feet or less. If your headlights, taillights or brake lights are not working properly, make sure to have them replaced as quickly as possible.

Watch out for deer.

Fall and winter mean deer season, especially here in Indiana. Be extra wary when driving around dusk or dawn, and if you see a deer on the road, apply your brakes, but do not swerve to avoid the deer. By swerving, you may cause more damage to your vehicle by running off the road or by running into other vehicles on the road. Check your car insurance to see if you are covered in case of damage. If you are involved in a deer accident, make sure to contact the local authorities immediately and file an insurance claim as soon as possible.

Drive defensively.

You may follow every driving precaution, but other drivers may not. Be aware of the drivers around you and anticipate moves they might make. Use your blinker, double check the road before switching lanes, and stay an appropriate distance behind the vehicle in front of you. If another vehicle cuts you off, or starts to swerve in your lane, give them space. Awareness of what other vehicle are doing around you can help prevent accidents.

Ball Eggleston Can Help

Woman ignoring road safety tips.

As safely as we drive, accidents still happen. Whatever the claim may be, you can be sure that our personal injury attorneys here at Ball Eggleston are experienced in trying automobile accident cases and are committed to protecting you and helping you recover any compensation that is due.

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