What Kind of Attorney Do I Need for a DUI?

October 15, 2016
What Kind of Attorney Do I Need for a DUI?

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, you probably have several questions, including, What kind of attorney do I need for a DUI?” The answer to this question is a criminal law attorney who is experienced and responsive to your needs. Here are a few ways an experienced criminal law attorney can help with your case:

An experienced DUI attorney can help determine your options.

Contacting an attorney will only help you in developing a strategic legal plan. Should you plead guilty? Is the current plea offer a fair offer”? Should you fight for a lesser punishment? What happens to others in this type of situation? These are all important questions that are better answered by a professional. 

Because these attorneys are experienced with DUI cases, they most likely know which defense may work best for your case. Working with an experienced attorney can reduce your risk of penalties and other consequences and can even save you money. 

A criminal law attorney can provide a professional explanation.

Client askingWading through pages of legal jargon you don’t understand can be frustrating and inefficient. A criminal law attorney can help you with your DUI case by helping you understand the complexities of the law. Simply being able to sit down with an experienced attorney and have them clearly explain to you the entire process often relieves a lot stress and removes uncertainty.

Not every case is the same; your DUI case might not be like another. Having a professional to specifically discuss your case will help you create a better plan of action. Understanding the legal implications is the first step in preparing for court.

A DUI attorney can help take care of the stressful tasks.

Dealing with a DUI is overwhelming. You’ve already had the stress of being arrested by an officer and going to jail. On top of that, you may have had to tell your parents, school, or employer (people you didn’t want to share this information with). On top of all this stress, you have to deal with a court case that you know nothing about. 

Thankfully, it’s an attorney’s job to know the ins and outs of the law and know what actions need to be taken in court. Reviewing and gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, filing paperwork, building a defense, attending court hearings, and standing by you every step of the way are all things an experienced DUI attorney will handle for you. Working with an experienced DUI attorney will give you the peace of mind that your interests and rights are protected in court. 

If you’re looking to fight the charges, minimize a sentence, or simply looking for quality legal representation, a criminal law attorney can help. The DUI attorneys at Ball Eggleston have experience and success with DUI and OWI cases and are prepared to offer you legal assistance during this confusing time.

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