Five Factors to Consider When Creating a Will

July 27, 2018
Five Factors to Consider When Creating a Will

People might be living longer these days, but that doesn’t mean you should put off creating a will. Unfortunately, 60 percent of American adults don’t have an estate plan. Should tragedy strike, their assets would be distributed according to state law, which may not necessarily be ideal given their family dynamic. 

There are several reasons why people postpone estate planning. Some don’t like to think about their own mortality; others feel overwhelmed by the thought of taking inventory of everything. But here’s some good news: Creating a will doesn’t have to be challenging. With guidance from a seasoned professional, you can break up the task of writing a comprehensive estate plan into several smaller tasks and then tackle them one at a time. 

Let’s examine a few factors to consider when creating a will:

1. Guardianship of Any Minor Children

If you have any minor children, consider who would take care of them should something happen to you and their other parent. Common guardians to name in a will include parents, siblings, and close family friends.

2. Cherished Possessions

Man discussing a few factors to consider when creating a will.It is important to focus on the big picture when creating an estate plan, but don’t forget about smaller, cherished possessions that hold a lot of sentimental value. Examples might include artwork, jewelry, photographs, and family heirlooms.

3. Charitable Donations

It is not uncommon for people to leave a portion of their estate to a nonprofit organization. However, unless you specifically include this when creating a will, your favorite charities will not receive anything.

4. Beneficiary Designations

Man discussing a few factors to consider when creating a will.U.S. News & World Report reminds readers that beneficiary designations, like those on life insurance policies, IRAs, and annuities, can override the terms of a will. To prevent confusion, make sure there are no discrepancies between your will and any beneficiary designations. 

5. Your Digital Legacy

In a few years, virtually everyone who dies will have some kind of digital legacy. How do you want websites, online profiles, and social media accounts handled after you pass? You can include specific instructions in your will. 

Discuss your case with an estate planning attorney in Lafayette.

Man discussing a few factors to consider when creating a will.Drafting your will with the assistance of an attorney can help you avoid the risk of making crucial oversights that not only affect how your wealth is distributed but also cause immense stress and confusion for surviving loved ones. Speaking with an experienced professional about these five factors to consider when creating a will can help you ensure nothing is missed in your future plans. 

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